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Shenzhen Dejian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a smart card enterprise with RFID technology, R & D, production and sales. Through more than 10 years of development...
  • 14 Mar 2018
    Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Shenzhen Dejian Intelligent Technology Co.,LTD sincerely invites you to join us in Seamless Payments Middle East 2018, a professional and famous RFID / Smart card Expo in the world, you can visit the online introduction of he expo at http://www.terrapinn.
  • 22 Dec 2017
    Public transport travel, scanning and credit card who wins?
    Pay NFC traffic card means either the equipment or the user habits, in each city public transport sector have been very mature, and pay the scan code but need equipment charge equipment for the whole city public transportation field is replaced, the insta
  • 22 Dec 2017
    Has the smart watch equipment been eliminated?
    The biggest mistake of smart wearable is probably in the wrong time. Making products is like falling in love. It's not enough to have the right people, and let the right people appear at the right time. Before many smart wearable product is not at the rig